Industrial Monitoring

Industrial Monitoring

Mission-critical equipment requires a reliable monitoring solution that retrieves relevant information about operating conditions such as temperature and vibration in order to prevent expensive unplanned production downtimes. Machine health monitoring provides a broad data set that can be used to predict the failure of individual machines, before they happen.

Particle Computer technology reduces the cost of monitoring critical equipment while extending access to locations where wired sensors are impractical or even impossible. You can also now place sensor nodes in moving or rotating machines.

The benefits for the user are reduced maintenace labor costs and reduced unplanned production downtimes.

Application Note

Particle Nodes are being used by an oil company to monitor hazardous substances. Chemical drums are tagged with Particle Nodes that control storage limitations as well as illegal storage situations.

This flash animation illustrates how Particle Nodes monitor and are integrated with SAP’s Environment, Health & Safety solution. Play the animation now!