Particle Computer offers a range of products and services to implement monitoring solutions based on wireless sensor networks.

A Particle network consists of a number of interconnected wireless nodes that gather data (e.g. temperature, vibrations, etc…) via sensors and transmit this information to a special device called bridge, which forwards the data to remote applications over the Internet.

Our technology platform enables low power wireless mesh networks that are easy to deploy and manage. Particle nodes provide a robust development platform for applications that can operate without maintenance for years on standard batteries.

Particles are ultra low-power, wireless network devices that provide modular connections to Particle sensor boards or third party sensors and actuators. Each Particle is a complete, wireless, digital system with digital and analog inputs and outputs. Installed software manages the flow of data across the sensor network. Each Particle processes the data collected by attached sensors and uses an onboard radio to send it in packets to neighboring nodes.