Albert Krohn is electrical engineer and responsible for the wireless communication protocols and low level software. He is the contact person for technical problems and system design.

David Garcés holds a M.Sc. in Telecomm. Engineering from Bilbao Engineering School and an MBA from Collège des Ingénieurs. He is the CEO of the company and responsible for business development, investor relations and finance.

David Garcés

Christian Decker

Michael Beigl

Dr. Michael Beigl leads the TecO department at the University of Karlsruhe and supervised the development of Particle Technology. In the company he is responsible for the R&D activities.

As Operations Manager, Tobias Zimmer is responsible for procurement, production, supply and quality management at Particle Computer.

Tobias Zimmer

The computer scientist Christian Decker has been responsible for the development of Particle SW architecture. He will take over the responsability of software engineering at Particle Computer.

Albert Krohn