PC based Software

Software for the Particle platform can be currently downloaded from TecO, our R&D partner at the University of Karlsruhe. There are basically two kinds of software applications, those running on the back-end and the ones running at the Particle Nodes on the network’s front-end.

PC based Software

There is no difference for the applications running on the back-end which Particle family they communicate with, since all Particle families talk the same language. Software engineers developing an application in their favorite programming language (Java, C, C# and several script languages are supported) can rely on a set of predefined libraries for the communication with the Particle Nodes. Additionally developers can use Equip4j, a graphical application framework that enables developers to easily compose their applications through components graphically represented on a canvas.

Sensor Node Software

Developers can deploy the application code written in C on the pPart & zPart Particle Nodes. The process consists on three steps; write the application, compile it and download it on the Particle Node!

Particle Nodes from the µPart family can be configured, e.g. node’S ID, sensor sampling rate, etc. For this purpose you can use our optical communication tool. Hold the µPart Particle Node in front of your monitor, click start, ready!